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Snow day!

January 23, 2012

Ryan told me Thursday evening that he might not have to work the following morning, as there was a blizzard scheduled and apparently blizzards here in St. John’s are often the town-shutting-down sort. I looked on the weather radar online and yup, there was something big and green heading towards us. I said a little prayer for him to have the day off, and then immediately felt like a jackass for praying for something like that.

So the next morning, we were up at 530 as usual. It was dumping down snow, and the wind was fierce. Oh, and there was fog, too. The air outside just looked…Soupy. But no announcement on the university’s website saying that it was closed, so we begrudgingly but dutifully woke up Ivan, bundled up and took our coffees out into the mess outside.

Ryan drove. The roads weren’t plowed, and we saw a few other vehicles out, but not many. I turned on the radio in the middle of the DJ rattling off a list of the schools that were closed. As we drove on, he continued. When we were about five minutes away from the university, he said that yes, the university was closed, along with everywhere else.

Ryan still wasn’t assured, so we went to the university and he went to this office to double check. Yes, indeed, the place was shut down. So, we went back home, made Dutch baby and bacon, and spent most of the day watching cartoons. We ventured out to Chapters in the afternoon as we often do and spent about an hour there, just drinking our coffees and looking at books as Ivan and I do a few times a week. I baked cookies, a usually-unheard-of occurrence. I also shoveled our driveway. I haven’t shoveled anything in about 12 years.

The whole day was pretty idyllic and made for an excellent beginning to a long weekend — a much-needed break as we get further settled in to our new life and new routines.

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